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Which mortgage is the best and cheapest for you?


Would you like to take out a new deep mortgage or extend an existing one and are not sure which mortgage is best for you? The question cannot be answered conclusively, as every personal situation is different, but we can give you some helpful tips.


1. be advised independently before concluding a transaction


We compare for you independently and neutrally banks and insurances and achieve for you the best conditions of your real estate financing, because we know the market and the needs of the banks and insurances. In addition, you have the security that the property really has as much value as it is advertised.


2. we show you the risks


What are the drawbacks of different mortgages and how much risk do you want to take.


Disadvantages fixed-rate mortgage:


Tied to the bank or insurance company over several years.

If interest rates fall during the term, the customer does not benefit.

Premature termination results in high costs.

Disadvantages of the Libor mortgage:


Planning over several years is not possible.

Strong financial burdens with rising interest rates.

The market situation must be constantly monitored.


3. avoid being tied to a bank for several decades.


Anyone who decides to take out a long-term policy with a bank or insurance company should make sure that the mortgages are not tranched. The disadvantage of carving is that you cannot change the whole mortgage at once. In addition, they are not in a good position to negotiate interest rates as they will have to stay with the bank or insurance company anyway.


4. renew mortgage before expiration


When the mortgage expires, the borrower should take care of a renewal at least 1 to 2 years before expiration. In most cases, the bank will contact you shortly before the mortgage expires. Another important point is that you don't miss the notice period. Many customers do not know that they can renew the mortgage 1 to 2 years before renewal and thus benefit from a possible low interest rate phase.


5. compare banks and insurance companies


By making a comparison, you can save up to CHF 50,000 over the entire term. You can use this money for amortization or treat yourself to beautiful things in life. In recent years, more and more insurance companies have been granting mortgages. An insurance solution should also be looked at in a comparison.


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